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Routine Exams

Do you need a full dental exam or X-rays in Greensboro, NC? Call the office of Dr. Layth Saraf.

At the office of Dr. Layth Saraf we strongly recommend patients of all ages in Greensboro, NC complete an in-depth dental exam at least twice a year or once every six months.
During your dental examination, one of our skilled doctors will carefully examine the surfaces of each of your teeth, soft tissue, jaw, bite, and other important areas of your mouth. Dental x-rays are essential, preventative, diagnostic tools that provide valuable information not visible during your regular dental exam. Our Greensboro, NC dentists and dental hygienists use this information to safely and accurately detect hidden dental abnormalities and complete an accurate treatment plan. Without dental x-rays, problem areas may go undetected.

What to expect during your Dental Exam in Greensboro, NC:

If you are a new patient to the office of Dr. Layth Saraf, your dentist may do a brief initial exam to determine any obvious problems and then turn you over to a dental hygienist for a full dental exam and professional cleaning. If you have pain or an immediate problem, your dentist may deal with these issues first before doing a full dental exam. From there, any further treatment depends on the state of your dental health.

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    and ask us how our Greensboro routine exam can brighten your smile and your day!

    What Our Patients Are Saying
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    Overall Rating: 4.8     

    "I have been a patient of Dr Saraf's since he opened his office. I have had fillings done there, a crown and a root canal. Last year I needed a tooth implant. Dr. Saraf did a perfect job. I have been very happy with my implant. The procedure was not as difficult as I thought it would be. In fact, I am part of the way through the process to have another implant in a few months. Dr. Saraf also has a caring, friendly and professional staff. I would recommend this office for great dental care."
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    Ellen B.

    "Great dentist and a completely painless experience for multiple fillings. Dr. Saraf did an amazing job making this a very comfortable experience for me. Highly recommended!"

    Testimonial Item

    Mustafa F.

    "Great dentist and a very nice team. The dentist was very polite and has great bedside manner. The receptionist was very nice and welcoming. The procedure went very well and painless!"

    Testimonial Item

    Christina S

    "Great dentist and staff. Makes me feel like my concerns are heard. Very friendly and knowledgeable dentist. I will never go anywhere else. Best in Greensboro, and I have tried quite a few."

    Testimonial Item

    Tom G.

    "Saved one of my teeth when another dentist wanted to rip it out or do a root canal.
    Their team is amazing and actually do take the time to take care of their patients instead of trying to get the job done and kick them out"

    Testimonial Item

    Red A.

    "Had a great experience at the dentist...words I never expected to say. Dr. Layth was friendly, approachable and patient. All qualities that make him stand out compared to previous dentists I have had. I highly recommend Dr. Layth to anyone looking for a better dental experience."

    Testimonial Item

    Catherine G.

    "I have the best dentist and staff in Greensboro. Always so warm and friendly, caring and loving. Thank you all. I so appreciate you all."
    Testimonial Item

    Julia S.

    "Dr. Saraf is exceedingly competent and a joy to know. He has my complete confidence."

    Testimonial Item

    Clyde P.

    "Dr. Saraf and the entire staff are always so friendly and helpful!"
    Testimonial Item

    Rick M.

    "Very nice dentist and staff. Very helpful"

    Testimonial Item

    Zaid A.

    "At my age, I have been to many dentists and this office is the best I have ever been to. Dr. Sarah is so kind and everyone working there is friendly and helpful in every way."
    Testimonial Item

    Brenda K.

    "Entire staff are professional & caring. Highly recommend! Always provide great outcomes."
    Testimonial Item

    Sharon R.

    "I had a really bad tooth ach and Dr. Saraf fixed it for me. The procedure was very comfortable and didnt feel anything while he was working on my tooth."

    Testimonial Item

    Damia J.

    "I love Dr. Saraf and he does an amazing job!"

    Testimonial Item

    Ashley A.

    "I've been seeing Dr. Dave for about 17 years!"

    Testimonial Item

    Neil S.

    "I love Dr. Saraf and he does an amazing job!"

    Testimonial Item

    Aaamanda K.

    "The best dentist visit I’ve ever had! Really enjoyed tonia & front staff were very welcoming as well! 10/10"

    Testimonial Item

    Justice T.

    "Wonderful caring staff!"

    Testimonial Item

    Linda B.